How to activate the 3rd eye?

Hindu Lord Shiva is known for his damaging third eye. Eye of Lord Shiva emits fire and burns the things into ashes immediately. According to mythology, Lord Shiva opens this third eye, when he is extremely angry and wants to punish someone. Due to his destructive eye, lord Shiva is often called as destroyer. This eye is also referred as the eye of wisdom.

According to the Indian Mythology, the left and right side of lord Shiva denotes his physical world activities while the third eye represents his spiritual wisdom and power. It has also been said that the third eye is related to attention. The more attention it gets, the more it gets active and open. This is the reason of lord Shiva being so effective in opening the third eye.  Tantrik Adity Gautam Maharaj Ji is an expert in astrology, who can make it easy for you to get the third eye.

Knowing the Power of Third Eye, many people want to know ‘How to activate the 3rd eye’. For that, you have to perform kriya of lord Shiva. To start, you have to hold shmabavi mantra. It is a focusing gaze, though the third eye. Then, use 16 sniffs, this is because ‘16’ number is related to the third eye. After doing all these things, you will feel and visualize as if your third eye area has been tapped with a silver hammer. Later on, this chakra point is further stimulated.

Lord Shiva Third Eye Meditation is not a piece of cake. You have to hold your hands up at an angle of 60 degree. It will be difficult in the beginning, but keeping it for some time, you will realise that it gets easier with the time. This meditation is probably the best one for opening the third eye.