Black Magic

Have you often heard of people using black magic techniques to solve problems relating to love, heath, business, property, marriage, childlessness, enemies etc. and wondering what black magic is? We live in a world of duality where light and darkness are the two faces of the same coin. Black magic can be defined as the dark face of the coin. It is the negative use of energies and power to influence the mind, body and soul of another person to compel him to follow your instructions.

Black magic tricks are generally used to control another person by performing certain rituals, making animal and human sacrifices etc. to pacify and control the spirits. After the black magician has got the required hold of the spirit world, he acquires the power to control the targeted person, who is sitting miles and miles away as time and space do not exist in the spirit world. With time a person who is under the Black magic spells finds the black magic spreading like an infectious disease, affecting his mind, body and soul. In due course the impact of black magic becomes deeper and more chronic.

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